Squashhouse Media
Jeff Hoffman and Mark Steele
Journalist Member Since 2014

Squashhouse Media is a full-service, high-definition video production company located near Boston, Massachusetts.

Jeff Hoffman: Producer/Cinematographer

Producer/Director of Photography with extensive film, television, documentary and commercial experience. Jeff earned international expertise from projects shot worldwide from Easter Island to Antarctica, Japan to Europe. His clients range from Canadian and German television to all three US networks, Disney and Lexus. With his family and numerous dogs he has lived in LA, NYC, New Orleans and Vancouver, before settling in his hometown of Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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Mark Steele: Director/Editor

Director/Editor with extensive experience in the industry. Growing up in Woodstock, New York, Mark developed a passion for music, which is reflected in the imaginative projects he's done involving musical performance and commercials. He handles all aspects of HD production as well as DVD and web applications. From "This Old House" to "Frontline," Mark gained much of his creative expertise from a wide range of programming on PBS.

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