J. Michael Wheeler

Digital Strategist
Creative Director
Web Designer
Art Director
Graphic Designer
Ideation Facilitator
Client Facing
Problem Solver

What I've Done

Online Media • Web Sites • Online Publishing •  Branding • Ideation Consulting • Ecommerce • Content Strategy • Business Development • Online/Offline Marketing • International Experience
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Who I've Worked With

Abbott • Apple • AGFA • CrowdNews • Grey Entertainment  • IBM • Merck • ODA • Parsons School of Design (Paris) • Saatchi & Saatchi (France) • Seimans Nixdorf • Virgin Interactive Entertainment • and others
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What I Can Do for You

Define, Design, and Build: your website, your brand, your online presence. Create a logo, define your marketing campaign, ideate your product. Creative problem solving transcends media.
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Rent Your Brain?

Well, yeah, but it's not like I'm going to take it out and let you install it in some cyborg-simulacrum or anything. It'll stay in its own container (see above) and I'll fire it up and aim it at your problem.

How Artists' Brains Work
All artists' brains work in pretty much the same way. They've got this artist-brain-mechanism that bounces artist-brain-things around inside their heads, BAMBAMBAM, and then, out pops a painting. Or a symphony. Or a running fence in NoCal. While the expressions are varied, their brain's struggle/process/conceptualization is the same.

How My Brain Works
My brain's like that too, except that I've learned to channel my creativity to solve a defined problem. I use my own brain-things-mechanism to design a web site, build a startup, or to imagine combining location-based apps and virtual reality for customer engagement. (Hey, that's a cool idea.)

Can I develop a marketing campaign, or ideate a product, or design and stage a participatory game for 300 conference attendees? Sure I can, because those are expressions of my problem-solving-brain-thing-mechanism.

Which I rent out. Inquiries here.


What I've Worked on Lately

I've been building a startup, a disruptive news-marketplace called CrowdNews. It's used all of my problem-solving skills, from ideation, to design, to stitching together different technologies. I've added new skills too, like Agile and building in the cloud.

Here's a CrowdNe.ws Demo.

More Solutions

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