J. Michael Wheeler
Founder & CEO

Why I'm excited about building CrowdNews.

I've been a news junkie all of my life and I'm old enough to have experienced the news pre-internet. I used to read the newspaper daily, devour both the Boston Globe and the New York Times Sunday editions, and watch both local and network TV news. I've always listened to NPR.

I still listen to NPR, but the rest of main stream media has failed me. Now main stream media's idea of news is the same story on every news outlet played over and over, sensationalized sound bites to fill their 24 hour news cycle, local car crashes instead of local news, and biased national and global coverage.

Before the digital age, main stream media had a stranglehold on news distribution. They controlled the reporters, the printing plants, the broadcast studios, the delivery trucks, and even the newsboys on the street corners shouting, "Extra! Extra!"

The internet has changed all of that. The internet allows us to decide what news we want and from whom we get it. The internet can remove the filter of main stream media.

We should be able to connect directly to the journalist who creates the content and information that is important to us. And journalists should be able to benefit, financially, from that direct connection.

I founded CrowdNews to make that happen. I want to get the news that is important to me and I want journalists to get paid for the news I value and consume.

I've been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, creating my first company, Wheeler Design Group Boston, a marketing and design firm, in 1989 and Wheeler Design Group Paris, France, in 1994.

I've founded and published online magazines, social networks, and online stores, produced art and cultural events, and opened a 300-seat "oh-so-hip" seafood restaurant.

All of this, and more, has led me to my most exciting challege: disrupting the news industry by founding CrowdNews in 2012.

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